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SMART traveler - passenger cabin safety training

1/ @site program
cabin safety training for business aviation passengers

Are passengers properly educated as to what is expected versus what is reality? Are their expectations truly safe? Are they literally dying to get there?

Business Aviation passengers should know what to expect from their crew during normal phases of flight as well as during an actual emergency. Will they initiate an evacuation themselves if the crew is incapacitated or are they going to wait for someone else to save them?

Fact: business aviation has one of the best safety records in the industry.
However, accidents and incidents can and do happen. Passengers should be prepared and expect the unexpected.

The goal of sajet's SMART traveler's passenger cabin safety awareness training is to enhance the safety mindset and culture of the traveling professional.

This 1/2 day program (approximately 4 hours) is conducted @site (in-house at your facility) and designed as a combination of classroom (theory) presentation and onboard your aircraft (practical) for a unique hands-on experience.

  • situational awareness
  • accident review and industry statistics
  • types of inflight emergencies and evacuations
  • what to expect from your well trained crew
  • knowing your aircraft (emergency equipment and exits)
  • performing as an able bodied passenger

SMART traveler

1/ @site program
personal safety for the traveling professional

safety threats to professionals when traveling within the United States and abroad are an unfortunate reality. everyone needs to understand the dangers that exist when they are away from home so that they can be prepared since anyone can be a victim of crime. even the most savvy business travelers fall to prey to their own complacency regarding hotel safety and personal security. we will teach you about common criminal behavior in hotels, how to avoid being a target, and how to safely conduct yourself when traveling by establishing your own SMART traveler techniques. a condensed 1.5 hour version is available as a professional speaker option at conventions, conferences or events.


  • passport . protection and security
  • situational awareness
  • hotel safety and security
  • cultural awareness & differences
  • are you making yourself a target?
  • travel tools . 'must have's'
providing training and consulting services for business aviation